Role of the Center

About the Center

Medical devices are diverse and will evolve significantly through continuous improvement. For this reason, it is important for rapid medical device development to appropriately combining the project seeds available from Kyoto University with the needs and infrastructure of the Kyoto University Hospital, and the project seeds and manufacturing capabilities of industry, according to the characteristics of the medical devices.
The center will quickly and appropriately promote clinical research, which has been a weakness of medical equipment development in Japan, by taking advantage of the extensive experience with clinical studies including physician-led clinical trials supported by our strong academic research organization(iACT) and will also promote the academia-industry collaboration research based on the intellectual property system established to accelerate the collaboration.
In addition, the center supports the discovery of research seeds and human resource development for Kyoto University faculty researchers through the Advanced Medical Device Research and Development Grant Program.

Mechanism for effective outcomes (innovation)

The center was established as Japan's first authentic base of industry-academia-government collaboration for medical equipment development in order to carry out processes from clinical research to regulatory application and continuously develop innovative medical equipment demanded by society. As an organization of Institute for Advancement of Clinical and Translational Science (iACT) of Kyoto University Hospital, the center will accelerate the real application of medical innovation through innovative medical equipment development in collaboration with industry and local authorities and effective and efficient cooperation with the Kyoto University Medical Science and Business Liaison Organization (KUMBL).